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MOTHER – Epitome of Hardwork and Dedication

MotherYou have given birth to me,

You have been the greatest mother to me,

You were the first teacher in my life,

Teaching me those things that other never see,

You have always been there for me,

No matter what the occasion be,

And so I write to you this very day,

That the lord may bless you in every way,

You have sacrificed me for your mother and I may do the same,

But all other think that it’s insane,

Anyways I just wanted to say,

Thank you very much for starting me on this way,

For without your teachings I would be lost today,

Where I stand today is because of you,

Your sacrifice, love, and guidance have all paid its due,

It is rightly said that a mother is like no other,

She forgives the wrong, she loves so strong,

She is divine; she stands by you all the time,

And so you have been,

You are mine and I promise that I will be there for you when you need my time,

There is no way I couldn’t repay what you have done for me,

But I know you wanted to see me somewhere and be among the best,

And so there I will be and only then be satisfied,

There may be times when I may not be around you,

But I want you to know that you are always near my heart,

Guiding me to be successful in life,

Thank you is such a small world,

But it’s all I can say to you for being my mother.

(Dedicated to all the Mothers)