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An Unsaid Love Story : When she said “OK”

She said OK.

But not on Valentine Day. She did not believe in all this show-off. But who will make him understand that she is not like other girls?

Ira always had a different approach to life. She was too rational in everything she would do. She always said that it is the rationality that will survive and emotions are for fools. This behavior of her’s did hurt Arjun a lot of time but he was also adamant and always made sure to make his point. And hence they would always fight on one thing or other.

It was just another day in their life. Being in the same college they would spend a lot of time together. And when you spend a lot of time you start expecting certain things from the other person. That’s what happened, It was a holiday at college and they had not met.

Arjun’s father gave him a surprise and gifted him a bike. He was too happy and busy to share it with everyone but didn’t share it with Ira. That was it, a long heated argument started. She was mad at him for not letting him know in person and she had to listen to it from someone else. Arjun tried to be rational and mock Ira that he forgot and its ok, what’s the big deal here if he didn’t tell.

“We are just friends as you always say” and this sentence created Stir in Ira’s mind and she cut the phone. It was 11 in the night, he couldn’t call her back and then started a WhatsApp war.

There was a lot of argument over what is the relation they are in? What should they expect from each other? What is the future? Will things work out? And many more things. He tried and gave an answer to each question but, yes she was a rational being, how can she understand emotions. But that day Arjun saw a bit different of always strong and independent Ira.

The thoughts are her mind echoed, there is much more to know about her. He finds her personality very different. Arjun was occupied in the thoughts, it was 1:00 AM in the night and there she said it


And it all started… An Unsaid Love storythats-how-it-all-startd

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An unsaid Love Story – Valentine’s Day

The day when everything changed and it was valentines day


Let’s get into how ” An unsaid Love Story with different endings ” unfolded.



Ira was getting ready for college she was very tensed as today was valentine’s day and she kind of knew what would happen but she was thinking that she is not ready for all this. All she wants to do is enjoy her life without any liabilities. Another thing that was bothering her that Arjun was not picking her calls since last 2 days and was not coming to college as well. She was thinking that it was the ‘calm before the storm’ situation. Maybe she was reading between the lines too much.

She somehow got ready and kissed her mom goodbye and started for college with a very nervous heart. On a normal day, Ira used to drive at nothing less than 60 kmph was now driving at not even 20 kmph. A lot of things were crossing her mind.

She was thinking about the day when she joined this college, 2 years had already passed. She was relishing old memories of how they became friends, all the rides across the city, sitting on the lake side and hours of talking, all of it seemed like yesterday.

A Honk disputed her thoughts. She came to life and started driving fast.

She was already late for the class. Nervousness was very evident on her face as she entered the class as her eyes started searching for Arjun, but he was seen nowhere. She settled on the last bench and started enquiring about him to others but no luck.

The lecture was over and there was a 2-hour break before the next class. She started calling him but still no luck. She was totally confused on what she was feeling. She wanted her best friend beside him but at the same time, she was too nervous to be with him.

Megha noticed it and came up to Ira and asked ‘Is there something you want to talk about?’ The answer as expected was no. Suddenly her phone ranged and her heart was beating faster than Rajdhani. It was Arjun, she let it ring for a while and the call gets disconnected and suddenly she regrets it. She tries calling again but the phone was busy.

She starts moving to the canteen for a quick bite. With all kinds of thoughts running through her head, she didn’t know what she wanted and was she ready?

The day was coming to an end she was happy-sad but still she didn’t meet him today. He didn’t come to class.

Will Arjun propose her today? Will Ira tell him what she feels? Or it will just be just another day in their life as it has been since last some days since Arjun confessed that he likes her?

Stay Tuned.

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An unsaid Love Story with different endings

Some Love stories never have an ending

It all started with him when he joined college. It was exactly 14th day of the college, ragging was on peak and they were having lunch. Right, there she was, having lunch sitting just opposite to him, laughing like there is no tomorrow. It was then he decided that she is the one and then started a tale.

He approached her for notes and they started talking. To his luck she got her roll number changed and now it was just next to him. The days were very awesome. They both used to roam around with friends and were having the time of their life. There were fights but there was an unsaid relationship which was budding between them. Both didn’t want to commit but wanted to live in it.

The first year went by and then they had to depart just being from different departments. He was not ready to let go and hence did everything he could to get his department changed and finally he had his way and they again got together in the same class.

He said her that he liked her but didn’t get a response for a long time. He was struggling, confused that what is happening around him, but he didn’t want to let it go and hence he just stuck around in the hope that one day everything will become all right.

They would still fight every day and make sure that they patch-up as well. But this was making it more troublesome for him. He was falling for her day by day and the college was coming to an end.

They in a way were together but were not together. He never knew what’s going on in her mind. The college ended and they had to part ways. But it was just destiny and coincidence that they ended up in the same city.

There was still some story left. But now they were doing different things and were busy in their own schedule not able to give much time to each other. Their misunderstanding grew and both were not ready to listen to another side of the story.

Both had the same story but with a different ending.

He pushed me away…!!

She didn’t make me stay…!!

Would you like to read more in detail about the two and know their names please leave a reply. 🙂