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Is this end of Google or our Privacy???

Is the plan of google to slowly become omnipotent and indestructible or to say GOD? Google has always wanted this. Earlier from search and now from the new product they are coming up with. Which will breach your privacy to the maximum level and you will become vulnerable and helpless. They say that we will be able to pull out data from all that you are doing on your mobile and will suggest you things, ways to get the work done.

In one way it is that kind of convenience but people will stop thinking and will become so dependent that google will run lives of people virtually. In today’s time it is just impossible to live without google and the future will be more impossible. Search, Android, you name a business in digital domain and google is there.

Some time back I updated my Android Smartphone to Lollypop and was just having a routine life suddenly one day I get a notification that you should leave now or you will be late for your meeting with Mr. X. I was totally surprized and fearful that how come google know about it. Going further in I came to know that I had updated my calendar and from there it go the information and notified me. At start it looks fun but as we think more about it is totally something which can be dangerous to the world. Google may have taken some measure to ensure security but still…

People has to know this and if they are not aware of how dangerous it can become going ahead then they have to be made aware. Some of the things which can happen are google will have to access to everything your bank account, financial records everything and they may be good but if this information goes in wrong hand people would be ruined. It can be a threat to national security as we have seen in past as well using google services people have planned attack. It’s not that attacked didn’t happen before google but it’s just that now they may have more resources and accessibility. A small change in a digital data and financial markets can crash and so do everything as we have almost all things online.

Either after this people will stop using android phones because of the security threat or if they do they will be throwing away all their privacy and yes wither our privacy or the googles future is at stake.

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Maybe this all is a Dream, Lie, Technology, Plan or a Paradox…

You only limit yourself by your imagination  ~ Anonymous

“Let’s create a wormhole, travel to future and get back those technology.” Ma be that’s what we are doing right now and that how we are developing. May be there is a secret lab where future technology are studied and then customized to the present times and that how we are evolving. Future is the only present it’s a paradox which we are living in and that’s why it is said we have 7 people in the world with same face. It’s a parallel world in which we may be living and get a glimpse of it at a point of time in the life, maybe we are great inventors in the parallel world and something other in some other parallel world. There can be infinite possibilities and is limited only to the imagination.

But what if u r traveling back are u actually in parallel universe or the same? So if we go in same universe and change even a bit of it we give birth to parallel universe and then we can choose in which universe to go and hence can choose our fate. But on further a thought that if we travel back in time may be we travel in an augmented reality. So either we have millions of parallel universe each having its own fate or it’s all a simulation in simulation. If u kill yourself in past in one of the million universe you may exist but in other u exist and the balance is maintained.

So it may be the case that someone went in the past change something and started a never ending cycle. Coz our future is based on the choices we make in present and they may differ and hence parallel words. So in future if this thin line between the worlds collapse that will be the dooms day.

On other thought traveling is past is definitely not possible coz if it were someone must have invented some time machine in future to travel in past and would have come in past but none has so maybe if there is there is only way forward. But our definition of past and future is relative and hence we may be living in a paradox of paradox, it can be like being born from the grave and dying in mother’s womb.

What if the universe was like a particle of sand in comparison to actual universe or it’s how far you can imagine as we limit imagination our understanding of the world becomes limited. Einstein was just a creative imaginator and hence we see the results today.

Probably the senses were given to humans not us let concentrate on what required concentration so that they know the source of their existence but maybe many minds together can accomplish that. It’s called hope which was given to mankind in order to survive or somebody is making us do whatever we are doing in the name of hope and evolution.

So it goes this way maybe this is the part of dying and after “dying” u realize that the life has now begun or maybe after dying god ask you how was the heaven, but what is god, a hope, a imagination to give us a purpose to live.

What if we created ourselves and in the midst lost our memory human brain is not yet understood. We only limit ourselves to norms of society and that’s where we are beaten. Everything is gradual and so is “change”. The irony is when you declare constant variables in programming. So are we a program!!! Or this is just a dream…”rise of the humans” and u wake up to be completely different species. We sleep every day to dream of that dream that we are part of but are so much focused on our day to day lives that we refuse to dream such. Just the thought that there are infinite possibilities stop us from dreaming.

I have till now not achieved what I wanted may be that a part of some bigger plan.  A lot of maybe’s in here but that’s how life is. All the answers lies in maybe and it is from where our imaginations begins. MAYBE!!!.