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Avoid these night-time habits that helps you gain weight


You’re not sleeping enough

New role at the office, exam time, a fulltime gamer etc. can be a reason not to sleep enough as there is something to achieve something in life. But going all the way can hurt us very badly in terms of health.

  • Metabolism slows down, as the digestion is at its peak when we sleep and when we don’t it ads to body fat.
  • Sleeping less means more time in your senses and hence more eating.
  • You are already tiered and hence you will not be able to work out well thus you lose on losing out body fat.
  • It increases your cortisol level. “Cortisol is made by the adrenal glands. Cortisol levels go up when the pituitary gland releases another hormone called adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). Cortisol has many functions. It helps the body use sugar (glucose) and fat for energy (metabolism), and it helps the body manage stress.”
  • Going to bed past midnight makes you gain more fat because it’s not the natural body cycle.
  • You will want to eat something early in the morning.

Hence let’s make a habit of increasing our sleeping hours to a minimum of 6-8 depending on your day. Go to sleep as soon as you feel sleepy. If you feel upbeat by the end of your day, try to include some physical exercises.

You overeat at dinner and sleep right after the meal

Fight with someone you love, stress at work, party etc. a lot of things can make you eat a lot of un-necessary things at dinner. Now, this is bad as you are going to sleep after that without much of physical activity.

  • The digestion of heavy food at night happens slowly as it takes more time to break down the complex things that just went down your throat.
  • Watching your favorite soap diverts your mind and makes you eat more so just one thing at a time.
  • Just sleeping after meals will get more fat accumulated and you can have digestive problems

Hence, having a light dinner high in proteins and fibers in a small plate talking to family and friends. Then take a walk or set the home right so that you have at least 1.5-hour gap before sleeping.

Having an oil filled, spicy and fried dinner

Cannot resist those French fries, burgers, etc. at a party. Just remember that you don’t have time to burn them off.

  • Too many calories mean more fat accumulated as you will mostly hit bed after that
  • Spicy food leads to poor digestion and increases in heart rates which are not good for one’s health.
  • Uneasiness and not a great sleep are some of the consequences to face.

Spicy food is good for speeding up your metabolism. Eat it, if you like it — maybe just not at night. For dinner, you can have smoothies or fresh fruit, all kinds of salads or high-protein foods. But in small portions, of course!


You have a sweet tooth, do a lot of snacking at dinner time, alcohol and love eating it before going to bed

Chocolates, Shakes, Sweets can be a breaking point for many. Many of us broke our resolution because of this.

  • White sugar and flour transform into fat cells if not burned and hence creates that belly that you have, yes right there!!
  • Snacking leads to over eating and you consume empty calories
  • You then become hyperactive and will not be able to sleep as the body now has more energy.

For dessert, have some fruit. It’s like healthy candy that won’t hurt your waist. This solves your sweet and snacking problem

Eating less dinner is great and helps loose

Oh!! Yes, today I skipped dinner, I have to burn less and will lose weight is the concept many people have in mind.

  • It doesn’t help you lose much weight because skipping meals slows your metabolism and hence helps in accumulation of fat.
  • It aids more hunger to the next meal that you will have and you, in turn, end up eating more. It can cause anxiety and you will have the problem in concentrating.
  • You lose muscle tissue, and your skin gets loose which then becomes impossible to lose.

Even if you don’t have time for a decent lunch or dinner, at least try to eat a piece of fruit which helps you to get rid of all the things said above.

 Can’t live without checking my phone

She/ He messaged me and I must reply otherwise it will become a big fight and we stay glued to the screens.

  • Blue light, emitted by those gadgets, affects health and sleep., Radio frequency waves also cause sleep deprivation and thus creates a lot of problems

Turn devices off at least one hour before bed. Read a book or listen to relaxing music instead.

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No more fret over losing weight!! Try this

I think I need to lose; I have put on a lot of weight; See here I have a tummy what will others think; This is my new year resolution and I can go on and on and on…

This leads to phone calls to people who lost, reading of stories online, following blogs and a lot of frantic discussion on WhatsApp group.

Then starts a journey, long hours spent in gym, harassment of your taste buds and much more to come back in good shape. Let’s take a step back and think what about something which is completely natural, just take 20-30 min and has no side effects. Sounds Good?

Meditation; a simple yet powerful technique and answer to most of the things in one’s life.


Wondering how something related to the mind can have anything to do with shedding pounds and kilos? Let’s see how meditation helps you lose weight naturally:

  1. Effects of Body Metabolic Rate

The first thing when people in fitness center measure or say something about is the metabolic rate of the body. BMR helps us decide the amount of water, calorie intake which we need. When we meditate BMR stabilizes and hence it has a positive effect on your body. This means your intake gets affected and so does your weight. When I started, I didn’t believe that this could happen but slowly as I was regular I realized that I used to feel less hungry.

  1. Change the Workout schedule

We generally see people stop gymming and then gaining weight again. This is because physical exercise increases your food intake and it is not reduced even after you stop.

Meditation improves assimilation and wishes for food decreases. This has a long-term effect on the body weight. The fact that you are satisfied with less food will help you not to gain weight when you stop the physical work.

  1. Restore your Balance

Excessive weight gain and weight loss are sometimes outcomes of hormonal imbalances in the body. Meditation helps restore that harmony in the system so that if you are overweight, you lose pounds and if you are underweight, you gain the ability to put on. This is one thing which most of us ignore while we are suffering from either of these.

  1. Reduce the number of Go-to food

Craving is the biggest roadblock in losing weight. Just as we get past our favorite Vada Paw shop we then end up eating it/ With regular meditation, we can control it.

Meditation increases awareness so that you become more watchful of your food habits. Also, over a period of regular meditation practice, you will find that your cravings have dropped. So you won’t be reaching for that bag of chips or cookies all that often.

“Till 6 months back I used to eat a lot of sweets and feel very restless and tired if I don’t eat anything sweet in the day. This was overshadowing my effort in the Gym. My trainer asked me to do just 15 min of meditation which gave me willpower and help me control my cravings. This led to a visible effort on my body in terms of muscle growth.

  1. Helps in Commitment

Sweets, your favorite food, junk has the power to make you drop all your resolutions towards your body. This is a check on your commitment where meditation can help. Daily meditation practice helps strengthen your intention so that you become more committed and focus in whatever you do and follow best practices.

Meditation gives the strength to realize an intention. Either it is EGO or it is MEDITATION which gives you the power to remain committed to whatever you do.

  1. Beat the stress

Stress is something which makes people do unwanted things. Eating or rather hogging helps us reduce stress levels as it increases hormonal production which is responsible for stopping this. Yet when you meditate, you release deeply stored stress in the system naturally.

After the fight with my best friend food would always be my savior which will help me sleep and that causes a lot of problems for me. I then started meditation just keeping my eyes closed and focusing on one single point. Thanks to these practices, now I do not over eat and it had helped me control my emotions better.

  1. Find time to do more things

Meditation you only need 15-20 minutes a day. That, of course, can be easy to squeeze out any time of the day as per your convenience, isn’t it? After all, your body does deserve at least 20 minutes of your time. And when your work efficiency increases with meditation, you can finish all your work in less time and find more time to plan other things.

  1. Start accepting yourself

When you accept your physique, you become calm and settled within and stop worrying about things. With such a state of mind, it becomes easier to work towards losing weight and your effort is also more effective. Try this out once. So what if you are a bit on the healthy side? Relax, love your body and see the difference in your life.

Note: Each body type is different so the results of yoga and meditation practice may vary in each person. Your experience could be different from others. Do not compare and don’t lose hope and patience. Meditation is not a quick-fix; it needs to be practiced daily for results to show.

Side view of woman sitting in lotus position on lakeshore with focus on stack of stones

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My Fitness Journey – The Day it all started


I was staying at my didi’s place in Pune for my internship. It was just another day and didi asked me to get some groceries. I went down to take them, on my way back the lift was not working so I decided to climb 8 floors. It is then I realized that I am heading into a future full of disease. I had to take like 4 steps to climb 8 floors. When I reached, I was full in sweat as if I ran a marathon and came. That night I introspected a lot and made sure that I will make a difference. I decided to loose weight or rather to get fit. I will now share the things I did to get me started and the rest is history. I am taking a time frame of 15th to 30th May 2014. I will share exactly what I did then, as it is said that if you do it for first 15 days you can probably do that thing for a lifetime. It needs 15 days to change your behavior.

  • I decided to start slow but remain consistent. This is what was told to me by many but I never followed
  • I made sure that I note down each and everything I do so that I can analyze where I need improvement. This helped me in the longer term to know where I was going wrong and to decide my next course of action.get-started-food-intakeget-started-calorie-count
  • I used to mix up a lot of workouts so that my body do not set into a particular type of workout. Any routine which sets in creates lesser impact as we move forward.get-started-excersise-schedule
  • I made sure my calorie intake is less that what I am burning out to create the deficit. This was to make sure I reach my targets consistently.
  • I followed a strict schedule to have a proper sleep and food intake at specified time. Rest is equivalent of exercise during your journey.get-started-time-table
  • I started making lifestyle changes like taking stairs all time, walking or cycling to work, don’t eat late at night etc. This came naturally as I started seeing everything in terms of Calories.
  • I took small and achievable targets and made sure I celebrate my wins. I used to treat myself a chocolate every time I used to achieve what was planned. Motivation and Enthusiasm are the biggest factors in one’s success.
  • Choose an idol and always take guidance. For me, it was my cousin who lost almost 20 kg’s to become lean and fit. You will always have someone to look up to and make sure you don’t lose your path.
  • Publish it for people to see and take inspiration. A positive word from a colleague will give you a boost you can’t imagine and a negative one will give you someone to prove wrong.
  • Ignore people who always pull you down and make sure you make them part of your celebrations making them realize that nothing is impossible.
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The art of POWER nap

Power nap and their benefitsTechnically a short sleep taken during the working day to restore one’s mental alertness is known as a power nap. It’s just like speed dating you don’t know whether it will be successful or not but still you want to take a chance and do it.

Good power naps are told to improve alertness and help a person to awake directly without the detrimental sleep inertia. I have had the naps from 10-30 min duration. According to me, 30 min is the best time for a nap as more that this the body starts moving into the sleep inertia and you start feeling disoriented.


  • Promote performance and learning capabilities
  • Ability to restore the hormonal imbalance caused due to sleep deprivation
  • Help to increase productivity

How to do it?

  • Find a good place to nap – You may get distracted by your surroundings a lot so a comfortable place with not much disturbance so you can gather yourself is needed.
  • Choose a dark room – You tend to sleep faster in dark rooms. Keep eye mask with you always, it helps a lot in blocking light and helping us to get asleep fast.
  • Make sure the room temperature is normal – Too hot or too cold temperature will make body relax and will tend you to take deeper sleep and hence no power nap.
  • Turn on slow music on earphone – It helps us get into a right state of mind. This also helps as a noise cancellation mechanism and hence better sleep and power nap.
  • Please say not to mobile phone or any other alarms and gadgets. They are the biggest killers of a power
  • If you are not able to sleep try counting 1-100 slowly and I bet you will have a good sleep.
  • The hardest thing is for the people to realize that napping is not sleeping and hence people tend to feel as if they cannot do it.
  • Next is you have to experience it once by trial to see what it feels like and once you get that experience it eventually becomes easy to make it a habit.
  • Relax enough before you think of start taking a nap and get everything out of your mind. It is easier said than done.

If you stay down, you risk going from the REM sleep mode into slow-wave sleep, which would need you to stay in bed for 90-120 minutes before your sleep cycle is complete. If you get up, the drowsiness will vanish in a minute or two. So, paradoxically, napping longer makes you drowsy, not rested.

With 3-4 power naps through the day, I’ve found that I could, on occasion, drastically reduce my need for sleep. I’ve done it for a week or two at a time, basically sleeping only about 2-4 hours a night, without any clear ill-effects during the day. I’m still undecided whether that’s something that I can or want to pursue a longer term lifestyle change.

Another point worth highlighting is that napping is not just a cure for drowsiness. It’s also simply a way to make yourself more alert. If you have a choice between drinking a strong coffee or having a 20-minute nap, always take the nap – you’ll feel more alert and smarter after the nap, and its after-effects will last longer.

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Master these morning rituals to master success

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, its lethal”

“You are what you do every day, not once in a while.”


It has always been an open secret that most of the successful people start their day early in the morning. The early morning hours offer concentration, solitude etc.

I’ve always known this and have seen this in my family yet it took me more than 23 years to acquire the discipline necessary to join the prestigious “5am club.”

There must be a strong reason to get up early in the morning, as when you get up this will be the first question you will ask yourself. For me is was to go to Gym so I become smart enough to impress her.

Hence ,you must be working on something really important that you’re willing to give up sleep to make your dreams a reality. If you are still reading this I will share what I do in order to stay motivated and get up at 5 am every morning.

I’m writing about how I use the different aspects of this morning routine to wake up inspired, motivated, and ready to take on the challenges of the day.


  • Get out of bed

This is the biggest challenge on faces and a battle that all of us fight daily. First thought that crossed our mind that 5 more min and then 5 more and this goes on. The first thing I do is jump out of bed and walk towards the kitchen and hence other things follows.

  • Drink water and Go Washroom

Our body gets dehydrated and hence the salt content in blood increases and hence drink enough water to keep you full for a while. This helps us in increasing oxygen content and reduce the salt concentration in the body. Then spend next 15 min in the bathroom. By this time you will at least wake up from your hardcore sleep.

  • Yoga and Meditation

I walk towards terrace and start my day with a bit of stretching and then prayers. These prayers are during meditation and focus on important things in life and what you have to achieve today. This helps in increasing concentration and you will start getting clarity in thoughts.

  • Write a Page

I generally write about what I learned the last day and the time I give myself is 15 min so that you don’t think too much to write and it comes straight from your heart. Spend 5 min in again reading it and then again write what I want to learn today.

  • Task List

I generally prepare a task list for the day and then rank them on the basis of difficulty and priority and a multiplication of the two gives me a ranking of tasks. I try and finish the first in the list before hitting the gym so that my day looks much more manageable as I already finished the most important and toughest thing for the day.

  • Gym time

Off late, I realized that I should invest time in myself and only then I can do something in life and hence I hit the gym daily working out on a schedule to get myself in shape but I never diet to achieve results.I don’t need to explain the benefits of fitness to you or do I have to ?


Establishing these habits took time and discipline. If waking up at 4:45 am is too much for you, find a time that’s more doable. Slowly set your alarm earlier and earlier until you reach your desired time.

Lastly, don’t try to add these habits at once. Focus on one at a time. If you want to change something, do it. This is about finding what works for you.

Have fun, enjoy, and may all your dreams come true.

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Fitness, Learnings & 30 Day Plank Challenge

In the gym, you generally see two kinds of people, one who think they are unfit because they are really fat and other who think they are unfit because they are too thin. The total idea of fitness is flawed. In my mind fitness is how healthy you feel when you get up and anyone in this world can be unfit no matter how physically smart he looks.

It’s all in our mind, we have an image of so-called perfect people and everyone is running a race to become that perfect person who doesn’t exist.

I challenged a so-called fit person for a plank challenge and seeing me he said that I will beat the shit out of you. I am much fitter that you are. We started on day 1 and I didn’t do great. His timing was much better than mine. I came back home and promised that at the end of 30 days I will beat him.

Planks for fitness

During my journey of 30 days, I experienced the following –

  • Train your mind and not your body – It became very difficult for me at the start but a friend suggested to read news while doing plank which worked wonders. It increased my timing by 10 seconds. Try once.
  • People will always discourage you, don’t let that affect you – Many people at the gym told me things and it was not helping me. My trainer came to me and said look into eyes of the person who is telling you S**t and don’t say anything. It really helped, people then thinks you are damn serious and they stop.
  • Consistency is the key – I started with 24 Sec and on day 30 I was at 3 Min 4 Sec. Do I need to say anything more?
  • Set progressive goals – Tomorrow should be better than today being the only motto that helps and always will. I used to keep +10 sec target every day. Someday I achieved it someday I didn’t.
  • Don’t underestimate anyone ever – We have seen this time and again that people who are underestimated are the ones who achieve so much in their life. He underestimated me and at the end he lost. Remember that Rabbit 😛
  • Announce whatever you want to achieve it helps – Social pressure is something which always helps you follow the first two points mentioned. I did it in front of everyone in the gym.

Don’t accept anyone’s definition of how you should look and how fit you are. It should be how you feel and think about yourself. Live life on your terms and don’t let others make you believe something that is non-existent. You can read how I lost 23 kgs in 6 months time and lifestyle changes I did in order to be healthy.

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What leaving Sugar did to my Body

In 1960’s Sugar Companies paid scientist to blame fat for everything but not sugar, which attributed to increase the use of Sugar over time and now 6% of Indian population (64 Mn) suffers from diabetes. Sugar has a huge impact on the body, to give you a perspective of things have a look at the photographs below.

hidden-sugars-in-foods sugar



Now you can see what we actually eat and we are expected to take only around 37gm or 9 Teaspoon as the daily requirement of sugar in the body.

I did an experiment on myself and completely stopped consumption of things which have added sugar. I consumed only natural sugar in fruits, etc. for 10 days. My story and learnings goes like this-

  • Day 1 started normal as when you start you are determined. But after my gym, I started having a craving for having something sweet, so I had an apple. Then I got engrossed in my work and the day was normal till evening when I started having a high craving of sugar and took me a great effort to stop myself from having a biscuit which I regularly have. Then I purposefully sleep so that I can avoid it and the first day was successful.
  • Day 2 – 4 started with impulsive need of sugar, but I somehow controlled and then searched the net on how to stop sugar cravings. Learning from there I started having a lot of water and started having a lot of fruits. This really helped, but still my body was not ready to take the fact that I was not eating anything sweet.
  • Day 5 – 10 I started having a lot of green sof and water, which help kills sugar craving, by 9th day end my body got adjusted to the daily schedule and was flushing a lot of toxins in the form of sweat and toilet which became very frequent.
  • Guess what I lost like 2 kg in 10 days just by stopping the intake of artificial sugar, which increase my water intake by 2 times and I also started feeling less hungry and my stamina increased.
  • There were days when you will feel dizzy and tired at the start as your body is reacting to the lack of sugar, but keep going, motivate yourself and have that end goal in mind that you want to achieve.
  • One thing I used to do is to track what I eat and how much I drink on an excel so the I do not cheat myself. One more thing that I generally do is that I announce it to my friends and family about what I am going to do and hence that shame of not achieving it keeps me going. You can try it too.

Not I have completely stopped taking all things which have artificially added sugar and has greatly boosted my stamina health and overall lifestyle.

As far as I am concerned My motivation was my mom who dared me in doing it and If I achieved it I will receive a GO Pro. This was enough a motivation in doing it and achieving something greater than life things.