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Travel Experiences – Gate 15 B Bangalore Airport

Setting up desk at the airport is fun.

desk at airport

Laptop, mobile, biscuit, mobile and headphones all set for a fun ride for next 1 hour. The ritual of calling mom in the morning starts and we talk about random things.  The talks always start from how is work and life and then moves to what happening in the family. I don’t take life very seriously but my mom and dad take it way too seriously. I respect that because of what they have been through in last few years. My point is always to calm them and then make sure that I put my point forward.

So, a lot of people on the floor today as there is a long weekend and everyone wants to have fun. A lot of people are on laptops and mobile. What the world has come to where each one of us is on mobile. I am sitting here since last 30 min and this is what I see.

A foreign national sitting on the tab and emailing someone at the office. I reached out to him asking him where he is going. He said that I have a conference in Delhi and I am going for the same. We then got talking about how long he has been here and what I heard was an interesting story.

He came here in 2014 on an adventure trip to do hiking in mountains of Bangalore. He stayed here for 2 months and scaled every mountain. During this time, he got in touch with people from the ashram and he started going there. The ashram taught him a lot of patience and love. When he was back to Germany, the only thought in his mind was to come back to India. He then started finding opportunities in India. He was then working for a car manufacturer. During the same time, their company wanted to start a business in India and he volunteered. Given his experience with India, he was sent here. When he came to India he went straight to the ashram and spend 6 days there. A lot of miracle stories of the ashram is what he told me about how they could bring the best out of you. How to meditate? I learned a few tips from him, which I will share later on the blog. But talking to him made me realize that how important it is to make a conversation and learn from people around you.

So, I then thought of going ahead and talk to a student who was on his mobile. I just directly asked him if we can talk. To my surprise, he welcomed me. We then started talking I was awestruck to know that he is a founder of a company which is earning 10 lacks a month in profit with 2 employees. This was it, we got along very well. He then showed me what he did. His company works in the agriculture sector, where they are developing tech which can help farmer increase productivity of crop per area of land. They do it by optimizing manure content, irrigation, type of crop wrt seasons and modern measurement equipment. I then share my last year project on robotic irrigation and he instantly asked me if we can work together. Here I was on a trip to home and got an awesome opportunity to make an impact. We exchanged numbers and then talk started about my work at practo and other projects. It was fun talking to him.

One thing is proved today that a lot of interesting people in the world and if you don’t talk and shy away from people you are missing on a lot of things in life.

Today, I got to know about an ashram and an entrepreneur who is changing the lives of many. So, when you get a chance talk to people, learn from them and move ahead.


Signing off, Boarding Call, Home Calling !!!



Engineer and MBA by profession but an entrepreneur at heart. Mayank loves building new product and processes. He has developed a product in agricultural space and found an exit. He also had his own teaching institute which he used to run during his engineering. His interests lie in helping start-ups in their early growth stage in the field of strategy and digital marketing. Currently, he is working in Business Intelligence domain at Practo. His other interests include travelling, photography, philosophy, meeting new people and learn new things every time every day.

2 thoughts on “Travel Experiences – Gate 15 B Bangalore Airport

  1. World is filled with wonderful people. It depends when we meet them. Sometimes it is a choice but most of the time, it is the chance which governs the meeting. Keep on writing and doing new things.


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