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One Line Stories – Part I

So, when you die and meet god, what if the first question asked is, “How was the heaven”?

Heaven and Hell

My wedding cost 5 lacs and My divorce cost 50 lacs and both were worth it.

wedding and divorce

You are a Hindu or a Muslim, she said: “I am hungry.”

I think of dying more often but then I am afraid of “What if you are not waiting on the other side.”

I traveled around the world for a year and felt lost as I returned home

Why don’t you trust me? She typed and sent it to three guys.

When man and god met and both said, “My Creator”

Those who had coins were enjoying the rain and those who had notes were looking for shelter.



Engineer and MBA by profession but an entrepreneur at heart. Mayank loves building new product and processes. He has developed a product in agricultural space and found an exit. He also had his own teaching institute which he used to run during his engineering. His interests lie in helping start-ups in their early growth stage in the field of strategy and digital marketing. Currently, he is working in Business Intelligence domain at Practo. His other interests include travelling, photography, philosophy, meeting new people and learn new things every time every day.

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