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One Line Stories – Part I

So, when you die and meet god, what if the first question asked is, “How was the heaven”?

Heaven and Hell

My wedding cost 5 lacs and My divorce cost 50 lacs and both were worth it.

wedding and divorce

You are a Hindu or a Muslim, she said: “I am hungry.”

I think of dying more often but then I am afraid of “What if you are not waiting on the other side.”

I traveled around the world for a year and felt lost as I returned home

Why don’t you trust me? She typed and sent it to three guys.

When man and god met and both said, “My Creator”

Those who had coins were enjoying the rain and those who had notes were looking for shelter.

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Travel Experiences – Gate 15 B Bangalore Airport

Setting up desk at the airport is fun.

desk at airport

Laptop, mobile, biscuit, mobile and headphones all set for a fun ride for next 1 hour. The ritual of calling mom in the morning starts and we talk about random things.  The talks always start from how is work and life and then moves to what happening in the family. I don’t take life very seriously but my mom and dad take it way too seriously. I respect that because of what they have been through in last few years. My point is always to calm them and then make sure that I put my point forward.

So, a lot of people on the floor today as there is a long weekend and everyone wants to have fun. A lot of people are on laptops and mobile. What the world has come to where each one of us is on mobile. I am sitting here since last 30 min and this is what I see.

A foreign national sitting on the tab and emailing someone at the office. I reached out to him asking him where he is going. He said that I have a conference in Delhi and I am going for the same. We then got talking about how long he has been here and what I heard was an interesting story.

He came here in 2014 on an adventure trip to do hiking in mountains of Bangalore. He stayed here for 2 months and scaled every mountain. During this time, he got in touch with people from the ashram and he started going there. The ashram taught him a lot of patience and love. When he was back to Germany, the only thought in his mind was to come back to India. He then started finding opportunities in India. He was then working for a car manufacturer. During the same time, their company wanted to start a business in India and he volunteered. Given his experience with India, he was sent here. When he came to India he went straight to the ashram and spend 6 days there. A lot of miracle stories of the ashram is what he told me about how they could bring the best out of you. How to meditate? I learned a few tips from him, which I will share later on the blog. But talking to him made me realize that how important it is to make a conversation and learn from people around you.

So, I then thought of going ahead and talk to a student who was on his mobile. I just directly asked him if we can talk. To my surprise, he welcomed me. We then started talking I was awestruck to know that he is a founder of a company which is earning 10 lacks a month in profit with 2 employees. This was it, we got along very well. He then showed me what he did. His company works in the agriculture sector, where they are developing tech which can help farmer increase productivity of crop per area of land. They do it by optimizing manure content, irrigation, type of crop wrt seasons and modern measurement equipment. I then share my last year project on robotic irrigation and he instantly asked me if we can work together. Here I was on a trip to home and got an awesome opportunity to make an impact. We exchanged numbers and then talk started about my work at practo and other projects. It was fun talking to him.

One thing is proved today that a lot of interesting people in the world and if you don’t talk and shy away from people you are missing on a lot of things in life.

Today, I got to know about an ashram and an entrepreneur who is changing the lives of many. So, when you get a chance talk to people, learn from them and move ahead.


Signing off, Boarding Call, Home Calling !!!

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Avoid these night-time habits that helps you gain weight


You’re not sleeping enough

New role at the office, exam time, a fulltime gamer etc. can be a reason not to sleep enough as there is something to achieve something in life. But going all the way can hurt us very badly in terms of health.

  • Metabolism slows down, as the digestion is at its peak when we sleep and when we don’t it ads to body fat.
  • Sleeping less means more time in your senses and hence more eating.
  • You are already tiered and hence you will not be able to work out well thus you lose on losing out body fat.
  • It increases your cortisol level. “Cortisol is made by the adrenal glands. Cortisol levels go up when the pituitary gland releases another hormone called adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). Cortisol has many functions. It helps the body use sugar (glucose) and fat for energy (metabolism), and it helps the body manage stress.”
  • Going to bed past midnight makes you gain more fat because it’s not the natural body cycle.
  • You will want to eat something early in the morning.

Hence let’s make a habit of increasing our sleeping hours to a minimum of 6-8 depending on your day. Go to sleep as soon as you feel sleepy. If you feel upbeat by the end of your day, try to include some physical exercises.

You overeat at dinner and sleep right after the meal

Fight with someone you love, stress at work, party etc. a lot of things can make you eat a lot of un-necessary things at dinner. Now, this is bad as you are going to sleep after that without much of physical activity.

  • The digestion of heavy food at night happens slowly as it takes more time to break down the complex things that just went down your throat.
  • Watching your favorite soap diverts your mind and makes you eat more so just one thing at a time.
  • Just sleeping after meals will get more fat accumulated and you can have digestive problems

Hence, having a light dinner high in proteins and fibers in a small plate talking to family and friends. Then take a walk or set the home right so that you have at least 1.5-hour gap before sleeping.

Having an oil filled, spicy and fried dinner

Cannot resist those French fries, burgers, etc. at a party. Just remember that you don’t have time to burn them off.

  • Too many calories mean more fat accumulated as you will mostly hit bed after that
  • Spicy food leads to poor digestion and increases in heart rates which are not good for one’s health.
  • Uneasiness and not a great sleep are some of the consequences to face.

Spicy food is good for speeding up your metabolism. Eat it, if you like it — maybe just not at night. For dinner, you can have smoothies or fresh fruit, all kinds of salads or high-protein foods. But in small portions, of course!


You have a sweet tooth, do a lot of snacking at dinner time, alcohol and love eating it before going to bed

Chocolates, Shakes, Sweets can be a breaking point for many. Many of us broke our resolution because of this.

  • White sugar and flour transform into fat cells if not burned and hence creates that belly that you have, yes right there!!
  • Snacking leads to over eating and you consume empty calories
  • You then become hyperactive and will not be able to sleep as the body now has more energy.

For dessert, have some fruit. It’s like healthy candy that won’t hurt your waist. This solves your sweet and snacking problem

Eating less dinner is great and helps loose

Oh!! Yes, today I skipped dinner, I have to burn less and will lose weight is the concept many people have in mind.

  • It doesn’t help you lose much weight because skipping meals slows your metabolism and hence helps in accumulation of fat.
  • It aids more hunger to the next meal that you will have and you, in turn, end up eating more. It can cause anxiety and you will have the problem in concentrating.
  • You lose muscle tissue, and your skin gets loose which then becomes impossible to lose.

Even if you don’t have time for a decent lunch or dinner, at least try to eat a piece of fruit which helps you to get rid of all the things said above.

 Can’t live without checking my phone

She/ He messaged me and I must reply otherwise it will become a big fight and we stay glued to the screens.

  • Blue light, emitted by those gadgets, affects health and sleep., Radio frequency waves also cause sleep deprivation and thus creates a lot of problems

Turn devices off at least one hour before bed. Read a book or listen to relaxing music instead.

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Customer Support – DNA of a Company which builds a Brand

Customer Service

The team which is always there for the customers, whether its Holi or Diwali or just another day. We are the “Customer Support”. We make sure that our customers are not getting affected at any point, all days of the year.
A typical day of ours starts with team logging in all the support channels where the customer reaches out, which can be Chat, Emails, Calls etc. We spend most of the time answering to the inbound queries and issues of the customers. During the day, we also work with other departments to deal with different type of customer issues we get.
We have a range of problem thrown at us during the day. Right from an easy how to question to a difficult objection handling on a policy or product. Each day for us is a rollercoaster ride right from start to the finish. We have best of our days where we satisfy a customer with all his/ her queries and we also have worst of our days when many customers are dissatisfied with the answers we have for them.
The best part of our job is to be able to see things from a customer’s perspective and then help other departments in the improvement of products and services. The worst part of our job is delivering decisions on problems to the customers which are beyond our control, although we may sometimes know that the customer is not wrong. But these are business decisions where our control is minimum.
Multitasking is in our blood, we eat, work, have fun on the floor and all of this at one time. We have snack’s day, pot luck and make sure we have our part of the fun. Sometimes our leaders also join us and we enjoy their company a lot, though we would like to have some more of their time but we understand.
We are like an invisible backbone which is always there and supports but no one sees it from outside and realize its importance. But once people know what it takes to be here they never forget the importance of CUSTOMER SUPPORT. It is the voice of the company which show’s its DNA and is one of the most important elements of the brand building.

Lohith from the team says “Being in support is about saving emotion, no matter what kind of day we  have have been through all that  we do is greet our  customers with smile,it’s not about being phelgmatic it’s about being passionate”. 
Customer service is not only about the people in the frontline, it’s about the company as a whole all the departments of a company collectively define how your customer service is.
Please join us and experience what our customers go through day in and out and be their voice.