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Do you have a Dream?

Holidays are the best days to tick off some items from your to-do list. One of them was the movie called “The Bucket List” on a friend’s suggestion, I regret not having watched it all this while. It’s a much watch for anyone.

After watching, I noted down my own personal bucket list and here it is:

  • Himalayan ranges trekking in 2017
  • Sending Mom and Dad on a Euro Trip by 2017 end
  • Gifting my sister an architectural kit

But this got me wondering. Edward Cole was the billionaire, most people are not. He was terminally ill, so ironic as it is, time was not a constraint. Or was it?

The Bucket List

I imagine the world where If I have a dream if there is anything I want to do, I should be able to do it. I started wondering what keeps people from achieving some of these dreams? What keeps them from ticking off items from their personal bucket lists?

I made a short survey here to understand some of these things:

I will then share my learnings in next series of article on the same.